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Creative elements of writing

Now the trees have grown, the plants are being pushed home, and the oxygen levels on Earth are very high. Write a book about how, at the height of your character’s career – and life in general – an attack destroys his city, kills his wife., and makes them live in poverty … and maybe even in war. With new laws, new standards and new rulers, their lives take on a whole new purpose. Write about the super tsunami that devastated the eastern United States..

One day, going to class, they hear a familiar song in the distance. Your character identity is stolen and you accumulate thousands of dollars in debt. They just got fired, and to top it all off, just their soul mate parted with them for their friend. And they said that your twenty years will be the best years of your life. Write a book about how your main character is called out of school / work by a stranger because of something he or she does not know..

Tips for writing romance

But when they get there, they realize that there is a whole world of possibilities, the existence of which they did not even know existed. Now they have to keep the look of going to college, even if they decide to pursue another desire. The world of your character is what happens when an experimental chemical created to support plant life is poured into the atmosphere..

Your character was adopted by a foster family when she was 5 years old. Their memories of how they lived in this shelter are virtually lacking… All they can remember is a sense of dread and a special song that gets stuck in their head occasionally..

Write about a character who survived an accident that killed one of their siblings. When they thought life could not be made more difficult, a terrible diagnosis shook their already unstable ship.

When dealing with grief, your family blames you for the death of a sibling, and debilitating disease is not easy. Thank God they have a new friend.

But for some reason, it seems to the person addressing him that he already knows everything about it. Write a book about how the character lived a very protected and very dangerous life…

After the death of a ruling father, they enter the real world – only to understand how their lives really differ from the lives of those around them. Write a story involving a character who opens only one door in front of an intricate envelope on the ground; invitation After the visit a secret underground event, they became part of the largest group of activists … and no one even knows who they are. Write about the character who did everything he was told. They have just finished high school and are going to a very good college to get a degree in something credible…

Now, after 10 years of solitude, people start throwing woods around their necks, covered with wounds, torn and blackened clothes. Write a book about how they actually thought they had helped by creating a cure that could eradicate disease, disease and even cancer. What they did not expect was a massive supervirus that is 100% drug resistant. It seems like your main character is the only one who can’t catch him … what do they know. Write a story about a hidden temple – this is the only thing that keeps your character from becoming the next ruler of an autonomous post-apocalyptic society..

When they notice their absence for a week in a row, they decide to find out Who are they. It turns out that your character should not have been spied on.

But contrary to what was expected, the water is actually going inland and not back into the sea. Your protagonist’s house has fallen victim to the ocean. Write a message about a character who, after witnessing the horrors of rising crime and drug levels, fled at the age of 12 to live alone in an isolated forest area.

Their house is filled with candles, a lighter is always a foot away, and fires occur every night. Any addiction can be a very dangerous thing. Write about purple glasses. Your main character saw this man on the subway every day for two years…

They just did not think they could please them. Write about how your character lived his life, believing that love is a choice. Never interfere, because love can only lead to pain and hardship. But after a quarrel with a stranger, their view of love and life itself changes. Write about how fire comforts your protagonist – his addiction.

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