The Best Way to remove old wallpaper from the walls with your own hands: selected methods and tools


Planning for Background removal

Before beginning the dismantling, it is crucial to prepare the workplace. Not necessarily the older coat comes away easily – you have to have tools at hand. Safety precautions are not any less significant.

It will not be possible to remove the old coating in total cleanliness. Together with wallpaper, plaster, older paint, dust may come off. To conserve furniture or flooring, you have to ready the room.

Prepare the area:

  • Fully shut off the electricity in the room.
  • Tape electricity outlets and switches together with masking tape or duct tape.
  • Remove furniture.
  • Lay picture or newspapers on the floor.
  • Tape baseboards.
  • When there is furniture – transfer it to the center and cover.
  • Leave a wet rag at the entry – it traps the dust.

What tools are needed for dismantling?

To remove the old coat, different tools have been utilized. It matters the material – a few wallpaper is removed easily, others have to be moist or treated with a special composition. But there is a listing of basic tools.

You will need:

  • Gloves.
  • A spoonful of hot water.
  • Dishwashing detergent.
  • Brush using a metal pile.
  • Background remover.

Fundamental Techniques and resources for eliminating old wallpaper

Each substance has its own attributes. How to eliminate – depends on the kind of old fabric.

With water

The simple and most obvious way. By wetting it is easy to remove old self-adhesive, fleece, newspaper and maybe even vinyl wallpaper.

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