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Photoshop Actions are a favorite choice for advanced post-production. Many photographers have different opinions about them. Some photographers are enthralled by their actions, while some dislike them, while other photographers feel that they are an essential part of the toolbox of a photographer. When used correctly, actions can save me much time. If you’re anything like me, then you’re aware that time is of the most important factor when working with images.

When used correctly, actions can be a huge time saver, particularly for photographers working on scenes that require multiple shots and multiple images to complete the photo sequence. As I just said generally, actions are very useful when they either:

They make it easier to take multiple images because they provide pre-composed, easily edited images that can be edited in the camera and later inserted into the storyboard of the photographer’s preference. Sometimes, a photographer may require multiple photos while hiking in the woods. All of the images must be combined and edited together. Pure Photoshop Actions simplify this process because they permit photographers to quickly create “matted bw edits” that blend all images taken at different times.

Sometimes, a photographer may be performing a number of edits, and may be trying to ensure that each edit is as clean and precise as possible. Pure Photoshop Actions are a Pure Photoshop Actions quotMatte Action great editing tool. Pure Actions are a great way to save time in this scenario. They come with a pre-constructed action sets that can be used with the editing software. So instead of having to compose each action piece individually from scratch, photographers can simply duplicate their action set within the program and go through the edits in the way they wish. This is obviously not only more convenient, but also makes Pure Photoshop Actions more reliable and efficient than trying to compose each action piece individually.

Sometimes, photographers may need to make small changes that can make a huge difference in the final product. This can be achieved by making edits in photoshop, saving and pressing “Print Selection” which creates an identical copy of the action set that remains the same. The action can be changed and the new image saved, however, the changes are not yet saved in the composition software or editing software. Instead, the photographer is free to alter the image in the printing program or in the editing software, but without erasing the original copy.

Photographers with expensive cameras should consider investing in Pure Photoshop Actions instead of basic edits. These actions can be executed by skilled photographers and save time and money. Professionals should also use Pure Photoshop Actions when editing their photos in a similar way.

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