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Are you searching for the exact “prism overlay for Photoshop” that I use to create incredible images like the one on top? Well I have the same copy, but instead of an activation code I have a serial number. The serial key allows me to activate or disable Photoshop “Prism Overlay” at any time I wish.

How did I get an “free” copy? It was available as a “Prism Overlay Free Download” at several web sites across the web during the period when Photoshop CS2 was in its “olds.” The code was free to download! It could be a type of pre-sale marketing and promotion tool, but I’m not able to claim it was a “free” promotion. To be honest, many of the people who received the “free CD” set ended up spending quite many dollars to fix the problems with the installation of the software.

The main issue with the free effect of bokeh was that it would not be displayed correctly on the top quality printers. It would appear gray rather than white. This meant that the photo I wanted to use in my “free photoshop action” would look very prism overlay png bleached or almost black when printed out. I would then need to return to Photoshop to correct the image or re-scale it so that it would print correctly. Well, it was free, wasn’t?

I’ve tried several free bokeh overlays that work with Adobe Photoshop and have found one program that works well on both the ink jet printer as well as your computer. It’s called the Photoshop RealUI. The program is available for download on Adobe’s website. After installation, you just choose “bokeh overlays” in the “effects” dropdown menu and click the “OK” button.

The only issue with the free photoshop action is that you need to choose the image you wish to overlay, then click “choose from the list”. That’s just about all there is to this fantastic program. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn how to create a free photoshop action and have a variety of images in png to play with. To add depth, you can create a simple flower using the color red and then apply a black-and-white image. This is just one of the many options available with this software.

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