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Sunnyvale, CA– 23, 2009–OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra high performance and higher reliability components and memory, today unveiled two mice ideal for users looking for an affordable gaming option. Featuring a good design, maximum functionality, and programmable customization unique to each user, the Behemoth and Eclipse are constructed using the hardcore gamer in mind. Both mice offer a competitive advantage with quality functionality and innovative features designed for both gaming and productivity software. “OCZ continues to break barriers from the price for performance scene by offering high performance gaming products which deliver exceptional features, functionality, and functionality at an competitive price,” commented Ryan Edwards, Director of Product Management for OCZ. “The brand new Behemoth and Eclipse gambling mice are no exception, offering world-class functionality designed to provide the discerning gamer and enthusiast using a superior hands-on controller experience if playing first person shooters or getting creative with design software.” Gaming in high resolutions and fast-paced scenarios takes a technical mouse that’s built with both comfort and speed in mind. Both the Behemoth and also Eclipse offer the capability to fine-tune the perfect balance of this mouse for exceptional control and texture with the added weight cartridges. Every mouse supports data-upload into the on-board memory, providing prompt”plug and play” settings, with no OCZ Introduces Two New Gaming Mice to their Lineup of Affordable Peripherals necessity for extra software to unlock the advanced functions. Additionally, real time switching involving four configurable personal profiles makes the mice ideal for both the working and gaming. The Eclipse includes a time-honored compact design, complete with a no-slip rubberized coating for hours of intensive sessions. The specialized gaming-grade double laser offers motion reporting up to 60 inches per second, and accelerations covering the demands for a variety of programs in low 100 DPI or ultra-fast DPI settings. Change the speed anytime during combat using the DPI toggle switch, along with the LED status indicator gives on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment to accommodate mouse speed to your game environment. The Behemoth sports a large, ergonomic, and sturdy design with a comfy no-slip rubber grip, perfect for users who prefer a more sizeable mouse. The OCZ Behemoth’s similar gaming-grade double laser engine provides uncompromising high-precision and ultra-fast tracking power around 60 inches per second, and accelerations in either low 100 DPI up to turbo-charged 3200 DPI configurations. Get blazing speed and instant acceleration upward to reports/second and bidirectional connection. Made for high-quality performance without the high price, the OCZ Behemoth and Eclipse gaming mice are the pinnacle of”bang for you buck” with unique customization options, switchable profiles, and unsurpassed design and ergonomics. www. ocztechnology. Com/aboutocz/press/www. com/products/ocz_peripherals/ocz_behemoth_laser_gaming_mouse www. com/products/ocz_peripherals/ocz_eclipse_laser_gaming_mouse

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