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Betting on sports betting is an easy task in 2023 when there are all leading betting sites providing markets on video games in competition. How do I bet on Esports is something we get posed a lot, and this post will go over the essential aspects of betting online. This article will provide information on esports games, esports bookmakers and sportsbooks, including understanding odds and banking and payment information. The guide for beginners on esports betting is aimed at people new to online betting and will provide straightforward, clear guidelines on betting on online sports.

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The staff at recognized a major absence of eSports guides available on the World Wide Web which adequately cover the basics of betting eSports. We hope that fans of eSports will be able bet real money on their preferred teams and players correctly and safely. Therefore, if you’re just beginning to get with online bets on Esports or betting at all, check out our guide: How to bet on sports betting to gain a better understanding of the odds and markets in esports before you begin placing bets for your favourite teams and games in eSports.


Betting on eSports is similar to betting on traditional sporting events. In eSports the most widely recognized form of betting is match winner or match win.Read more At website Articles commonly referred as an Moneyline betting (Pinnacle) (also known as Head-to -Head (BetEasy), Straight (William Hill) and many other terms that depend on your preferred betting website or the social networks you are part of. The premise is very simple and involves placing a bet on the team you believe will win , by determining the odds which represent the best return on your investment.

Betting odds indicate the chance of a given outcome, that in our instance is the result of our favorite team in eSports winning. odds are presented differently depending on where in the world you’re betting. Since eSports are played for large audiences across the globe, there are various odds formats that are utilized by betting sites to represent the odds of betting: decimal American (also known as moneyline) as well as fractional. Depending on the part of the world you live and which site you sign up for and which one you choose, you must know how they function before you can begin to bet. Because of its simplicity the most frequently used format by online betting sites is decimal odds, which is what we will employ in our cases throughout this piece.

It is important to note that you must be at least 18 years old in order to sign up with online sportsbooks and bet on eSports. Sorry for the children are not allowed to sign up, but this is worldwide law.


Okay , so in our example for beginners of an easy match winner bet it is our intention to place bets on Athletico to beat Team Immunity in an CS:GO game with the team Immunity winning. It is important to understand the three essential factors that each punter must consider prior to placing a bet.

  • Format: The format that the Internet bookmaker/sportsbook you’ve chosen uses is decimal or fractional or American.
  • Odds: The amount the bookmaker/sportsbook would pay for winning bets, as well as the stake needed.
  • Bankroll The amount of actual cash you’d like to bet with.

In our particular case this would be this:

  • The hypothetical bookmaker we have chosen uses decimal odds format. 
 How to bet on sports BEGIN BETTING ON ODDS and markets
  • The hypothetical odds would be 1.60 for Athletico to win, in contrast to Team Immunity at 2.50.
  • The amount of money that we’d like to place bets with is $100 stake (maximum set your own limit).

We’ve decided to place 100 bets on Team Immunity to win.

The sportsbook calculates our expected gain from the bet, by multiplying our stake of $100 with the odds they offer. To figure it out for yourself the formula is stake odds x stake = the expected profit. In this case, it’s 100 x 2.50 equals 250. In the event that Team Immunity wins, our profit is $250. This is a sum of our $100 bet, called stake, and your total profit in the amount of $150.

To calculate our potential profits, simply subtract one of the odds. The formula is shifted to stake x (odds 1.) = actual profit. In this instance, it’s 100 x (2.50 1.) equals $150.

The odds of betting provided by bookmakers reflect their implied probability of a team winning a game over another. The lower the odds, the probability is higher the team will win in the bookmaker/sportbook’s view. The higher the odds, the team has a lower probability of winning in the bookmaker/sportbook’s view.

In this particular instance we will win significantly more with Team Immunity at $2.50 than when we had placed the same bet on Team Athletico at $1.60. If we had, following the formula, it could be as follows:100 (stake) (stake) x 1.60 (odds) equals 160 (expected return). Removing one from the odds and multiplying it by our stake will result in a profit of $600 if our wager wins.

A bet placed on Team Athletico is arguably a more value bet given that they are believed from the perspective of the online sportsbook that they have a 62.5 percent chance of winning the match in essence, a higher chance of winning the game we are betting on (match victory). There are less returns, but the bet is seen as more lucrative by the sportsbook providing it.

Just like every other race, competition, or novelty categories that gamblers place wagers of money numerous variables like your knowledge of the teams playing as well as their skills along with individual quirks and weaknesses , as well as favouritism, influence your final decision about which outcome will be the best bet. While other guides to esports and websites advise you to only bet on your bet’s value every time, we emphasize the importance of spending the time to study the above factors prior to placing your bets.

For instance, in the aforementioned example we may have decided to bet on Team Immunity as a result of a downward slide experienced in Team Athletico in several matches prior to the event we’re betting. Perhaps, as sports fans we’ve observed Team Athletico’s loss of a crucial player due to internal conflicts, and we’re assuming a major upset could occur in our favour.

Before we look into those elements in greater detail by providing links to our dedicated guides and database of profile of players and teams for esports bettors to utilise this article, we’ll dissect the kinds of bets offered by online sportsbooks on our most popular esports titles.

Types of Bets in Sports

The most basic match-winner bet option is often the only betting market open on the most popular eSports games Each game features distinct types of betting options that are specific to the game’s style of play. For instance, CS-GO’s fast and hectic first-person shooter gameplay allows exciting wagers to be place on teams who is the winner of the first Pistol Round of any match. Likewise, League of Legends’ real-time strategy gameplay lets players bet on which team will defeat the miniboss dragon or baron first. These kinds of bets don’t depend on whether the team you’re betting on wins the whole game, but are contingent on an outcome entirely.

There are many sportsbooks that are playing catch-up when it comes to offering more exotic and diverse wagering options however, there are a variety of kinds of wagers we can put on eSports, as detailed below.

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